Yes you can modify existing veiws in the sql database that are used by the explore screens, The explore screens are simply looking at a view. You can also create new views by creating a SQL view then adding it to the Business Desktop.

You can create the view in the SQL console by either linking tables sort of like Crystal or by adding a text stored procedure.

There are a few things that the view has to have:

  • View name must start with vdv
  • Must have company Id as one of the columns
  • All permissions for ApplicationDBRole

To add your view to the MAS 500 Business desktop goto System Manager / Tools / Task Editor.
The launch type is ,net
Select the module
Select your SQL View
Give it a name and description
Click OK

Add the task to the menu
Right click on the menu and select create new task/Sage MAS 500 Task.
Select the module and task.
Give it a name.

Thats it.