Wine List

These are the wines that i have bought or tried. Wines are very subjective to taste. I tend to like Semi-Sweet to Semi-Dry wines. Drink what you like not what any one tells you

The entries are in a semi random order.
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Items with a rating of "?" I have not tried yet.

  Name: Winery: Location: Year(s): Type: Cost: Bought: Rating (1 - 10): Notes:
Pieroth Icecristel, Cabernet Sauvignon
Pieroth Hajos-Baja, Hungary 2006 Icecristel Cabernet Sauvignon $50.00 PRP 10 This is by far the best wine I have ever had. It rolls off the tongue like silk.
Bohotin Pieroth Romania 2006 Edelbeerenlese, D.O.C-C.I.B $25.00 PRP 9 This is an excelent wine. It is a bit on the sweet side but everyone I know who has tried it loves it.
Graf Zoltan Pieroth Germany 2006 Qualitatswein - Rheinhessen $23.00 PRP 9 This is a bit less sweet than the Bohotin but just as good.
Danzante Merlot Danzante Italy 2006 Merlot $4.00 World Market 6-Like it. Ill definatly keep it on hand. I brought this to a party along with a couple of other wines at 7 and 10 dollars with the disclamer that this one might such because it was 3 bucks. Let me tell you Everyone liked it. Even people who dont realy like wine. Great value.
  Red Cat Hazlitt New York 2006 Red Catawba, Baco Noir $7.49 Hazlitt 8 - Love it This was the first wine for regular daily drinking I fell in love with. I found it at my first wine tasting at the Botanical Gardins in Chicago in 2007
Blackstone Merlot Blackstone California 2005 Merlot $9.00 World Market, Dominicks ?  
Black Swan Merlot Black Swan Austrailia   Merlot   Dominicks ? Didnt purchase yet.
Black Swan Shiraz Merlot Black Swan Austrailia 2006 Shiraz Merlot   Dominicks ?  
Black Swan Shiraz Black Swan Austrailia 2006 Shiraz   Dominicks ?  
Yellow Tail Shiraz Cabernet Yellow Tail Austrailia 2006 Shiraz Cabernet   Dominicks ?  
Red Truck Red Truck California 2005 37% Syrah, 27% Petite Sirah, 23% Cabernet Franc, 4% Grenache, 4% Mourvedre, 5% other $9.00 World Market 4  
Relax Cool Red Relax by Schmitt Sohne Germany 2006 Mix $9.00 World Market 2 We tried this one because we liked the Riesling so much. Let me tell you that just because one wine from a company is good doesnt mean you will like the others. I was dissapointed in this wne. I was hoping to make it one of my staples
Cycles Gladiator Dry Rose Cycles Gladiator California 2005 Dry Rose $5.00 World Market 2 This was definatly as it states Dry. It was purchased because someone liked the picture.
  Hans Gangl Zweigell Trockenbeerenauslese   Austria 2006 Trockenbeerenauslese $56.50 Half Bottle PRP 10  
Gabbiano Chianti Classico Gabbiano Tuscany Italy 2006 Chianti $13.00 Super Target 5  
Rip Sorter Yarraman Austrailia 2004 Shiraz Cabernet mix $8.00 Whole Foods 4 A friend picked this up for us. it was decent. There are better wines for me to pick up on a regular basis.
Big House Red Big House California 2006 Mix $9.00 World Market 1 The funny thing about this wine is that when i was looking at it in the store I knew i heard of it before. Unfortunatly i thought someone told me it was good. Well I was wrong. I had tried it at a Binnys wine tasting. I wrot down on the sheet "So bad never buy"
This wine is very dry, has a bad after taste, and is rough to swollow. I brought it to a party with Danzante and everyone agreed that the Danzante by far better.



  Name: Winery: Location: Year(s): Type: Cost: Bought: Rating (1 - 10): Notes:
Binger St. Rochuskapelle Riesling Spatlese Pieroth Germany 2005 Spatlese Riesling $28.74 PRP 9  
Bechtheimer Pilgerpfad Spatlese Rheinhessen Pieroth Germany 2003 Spatlese, Rheinhessen $25.00 PRP 9  
Relax Riesling Relax by Schmitt Sohne Germany 2006 Riesling $8.00 Trader Joe's, World Market 7 - Like it. Ill definatly keep it on hand. This is a great little every day Riesling.
Schmitt Sohne Qualitatswein Riesling Schmitt Sohne Germany 2006 Qualitatswein Reisling   Dominicks 6  
Schmitt Sohne Spatlese Riesling Schmitt Sohne Germany 2006 Spatlese Reisling   Dominicks ?  
Obsession Symphony Ironstone California 2006 Symphony     ?  
Burg Layer Schosskapelle Pieroth Nahe, Germany 2004, 2006 Kabinett, Riesling $27.00 PRP 10  
  Pleitersheimer Sternberg - Eiswein Rheinhessen Pieroth Germany 2004 Eiswein Rheinhessen $50 Half Bottle PRP 10  

  Name: Winery: Location: Year(s): Type: Cost: Bought: Rating (1 - 10): Notes:
Orphee Arome Frambose Orphee     Sparkling   PRP ?  

Fruit Wines
  Name: Winery: Location: Year(s): Type: Cost: Bought: Rating (1 - 10): Notes:
  Cherry, Strawberry, Peach, Blackberry St. James Missouri   Fruit $9.00 Binny's 6